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A Buyers agent view on the current Sunshine Coast and Noosa Property Markets

The property market on the Sunshine Coast has recently witnessed a surge in activity, particularly amongst buyers. As buyers agents on the Sunshine Coast we have observed, there has been a notable increase in the number of potential buyers actively seeking well-priced properties that meet their requirements.

One of the primary factors driving the strength of property prices in the region is the limited availability of housing stock. However, as local buyers agents we anticipate that there will soon be an influx of properties entering the market, especially as we approach the ‘spring selling season’. This expected rise in stock levels will likely have an impact on market dynamics and influence buyer demand and property values.

Already, there are signs indicating an uptick in the number of properties available for sale. This trend is particularly evident in larger capital city markets, which is somewhat uncommon for the month of July. Of significance is the fact that a substantial portion of these newly listed properties are investment properties. This surge in investment property listings can be attributed to the recent increase in interest rates, which have substantially raised the costs associated with holding rental properties. Consequently, property owners are opting to sell their investment properties, contributing to the rise in available stock.

Furthermore, the rise in interest rates has also affected individuals who are struggling to meet their mortgage repayments on the family home. This has also led to a growing number of homeowners needing to sell their properties. Given the increasing costs of holding property, it is expected that investment properties will be the first ones to enter the market which as mentioned above we are starting to see early signs of. This trend is likely to further contribute to the rise in stock levels and potentially impact property prices as owner occupier homes start coming on the market. We will be keeping a close eye on the market to see how this situation rolls out across the Sunshine Coast property market. Is there enough demand out there from buyers to purchase the properties that hit the market or will we see properties start to stay on the market for a longer period. My guess is that we will likely see a both scenarios play out in different parts of the Sunshine Coast and with different types of housing. Lets wait and see what happens. 

In summary

The Sunshine Coast property market is currently experiencing heightened buyer activity, with buyers agents on the Sunshine Coast witnessing increased interest in well-priced properties. The limited housing stock has contributed to robust property prices. However, the market is expected to see an influx of properties as more listings become available, particularly investment properties impacted by rising interest rates. As buyers agents, we will continue to monitor these trends closely to provide our clients with the most up-to-date market insights

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