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About Us

Property is our passion


If it’s a new place to call home, or a new investment, we believe that buying property should always be a win. A reason to celebrate. It’s a life changing decision that helps pave the way for a future full of potential and prosperity, even when it’s not your first time in the market.

For The Property Baron, being a buyers agent on the Sunshine Coast will always be more than a job. It’s a passion that drives us on an ongoing search to discover new opportunities. It inspires us to watch the market relentlessly, pore over insights and analytics to predict market values, and follow changes in infrastructure daily to determine new areas for growth.

And while we understand that buying property can often feel like a financial risk, we believe that with the right representation, it doesn’t have to be that way. Because in a market that historically favours those selling properties, we use our wealth of experience and expertise to give buyers an advantage.

And we do that like no other property buyers.

Property Baron Staff

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During his 12 years as a full time Property Investor, Jason experienced first hand just how much the property market favours the seller. People looking to buy are at a huge disadvantage, as traditionally it’s only sellers who leverage the experience and expertise that come with representation.

Jason believed that buyers deserved the same support as property sellers, and turned his passion into purpose, by representing home buyers and investors to help give them an advantage.

Jason believes that opportunities present themselves through meticulous research. And while many buyers typically only begin researching the market when they’re preparing to buy, Jason spends every day following it relentlessly. He pores over statistics and insights to help predict market values, and stays abreast of changes in infrastructure to determine new areas for growth. For Jason, numbers lead the way in decision making, helping to minimise risk, and empowering the negotiation.





Growing up in France, Maria moved to the UK before calling Australia home in 2006. She established her career as an art director in Sydney working on leading magazines and digital publications including CHOICE, Gourmet Traveler, Harper’s BAZAAR, Australian Women’s Weekly and the QANTAS in-flight magazine.

She combines her wealth of property expertise with a passion for design, through Black and White Projects. With work featured in Adore Home Magazine and The Interiors Addict. The Black and White Projects website showcases renovations Maria and Jason have completed.





When it comes to property, local knowledge is invaluable. Sunshine Coast native Cameron Hicks gives buyers an advantage in the market through his inherent understanding of the area. From a macro level, right down to the individual streets.


Cameron has a Bachelor of Business Management – Real Estate and Development, and is a Registered Property Valuer too. He’s conducted thousands of valuations in the area across multiple property types, giving him the rare ability to compare similar properties and assess the value each has to offer.


As buying a property is often the biggest investment people will make in their lives, he believes that it deserves every care and consideration. With the coast in the early stages of maturing into a major business and lifestyle centre, leveraging the right skill set can turn a purchase into an investment that generates wealth and opens up more options in the future.




Two character traits that can make all the difference in property buying are exceptional teamwork and a competitive nature. Having represented Australia in Beach Volleyball at the Olympics twice, Lee Zahner over delivers on both.

Working in property development for over 20 years, Lee is a Noosa local who has developed an impeccable track record of recognising opportunities for growth. Seeing an imbalance in professional representation, he joined The Property Baron with a commitment to teaming up with buyers, sharing opportunities and always staying one step ahead of the competition. 

Lee’s dedication to understanding client motivations and desires is remarkable. His motivation is contagious. His persistence is inspirational. Lee makes for an excellent teammate. 





Murdoch has a unique background that gives him an incredible advantage in property buying. As an athlete, he learned through grit and determination that hard work gets results. Being in the military, he learned all about working with others, how to adapt and overcome through changing circumstances, and how to reach an objective under pressure. 

With a passion for architecture and design, along with a family history in investing and developing properties, a career change to real estate was all but inevitable. When Murdoch joined The Property Baron, he brought all those honed skills with him and today, applies them to securing properties. 

As a lifetime supporter of the underdog, Murdoch decided to approach his career in property from the buyer’s perspective, making a valuable ally for anyone looking for a new place to call home.