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Finding the right investment property at the right time, in the right location can take years of experience. But with the latest listings and access to off-market properties for sale across Noosa and the Sunshine Coast, The Property Baron offers buyers an advantage.

We understand that buying investment properties on the Sunshine Coast is a business decision, with security and long term financial gains playing a crucial role in what and where you buy. We leverage local knowledge and deliver valuable insights that uncover potential property hotspots, helping you make informed decisions around increasing your wealth and building your portfolio.

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Use a Buyers Agent


Good investment properties for sale on the Sunshine Coast get snapped up quickly. So when we see an opportunity that meets your criteria, from something new to market or even a pre-market opportunity, you can be the first to know about it. There’s nothing like giving yourself a head start to increase your chances of securing the property you’re after.


Negotiating the price of an investment property means interpreting multiple factors to calculate its value now and in the future. Our rigorous appraisal method takes important details into account, to provide you with an accurate figure on what the home is really worth, protecting you as an investor.


The search for a property that’s going to be a good investment can be difficult, especially in a rapidly evolving market. Well versed in property investment in Noosa and on the Sunshine Coast, The Property Baron acts on your behalf to pinpoint opportunities that match your criteria, alleviating the time and stress, all while keeping you informed along the way.

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