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Has the steam come out of the market?

We have noticed that not all properties are receiving the same panic buying that was occurring in the first quarter of this year. There seems to be a much more measured approach from buyers and bidders at auction as well as a reduction in active bidders. However, we do not see any pull back in price maybe just a slow down in price growth. There have been some strong results witnessed in sought after locations, though we have also heard of unrealistic expectations hampering a property sale or auction result.

With winter well and truly here it will be interesting to see if stock slows down further or things continue, business as usual. The traditional spring selling season may prove to be interesting. Will the market get another burst of energy? or will we have a more sustained market of gradual increase?The Sunshine Coast seems to be somewhat protected from the more macro headwinds that are beginning to filter into the media, whilst still a risk we have a lot of factors in our favour. As southerners begin to make the move north, their money goes significantly further up here and they still see exceptional value…Hard to fathom for locals who have watched the prices over the last decade or two. With a huge supply shortage of dwellings to cater for the expected population growth of the foreseeable future and a rental crisis currently unfolding, the Sunshine Coast would seem as though one of the best places to purchase property in Australia.

The issue of vendors not wanting to come on the market until they have another place to go still rings true. We have assisted a number of agents in this predicament via a couple of solutions. We have buyers that can offer either longer settlement terms or shorter terms and rent backs, thus freeing up the cash for the seller to purchase their next property with the abililty to positoin their offer competitevly rather than subject to the sale of their home. Alternatively, we can assist your vendor to find their new home as their buyers agent, which frees you, the selling agent up to do what you do best. List and Sell. We encourage selling agents to reach out to either Cameron or Jason to have a chat as to how our business can work in conjunction with you, not in competition. 

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